Travel fee may apply depending on location. Parking fee if applicable.

If the location of the Wedding / Event exceeds more than 10km from Nanny place of residence and an extra charge of 50c per km will be charged.

Refreshments shall be provided for the MNS nannies on the day of the Event.

If the Booking occurs over meal times a meal shall be provided for the nannies by the client.

MNS shall not in any circumstances accept any responsibility for personal belongs of the children, parents or guardians.

If any Wedding / Conference packages are cancelled within 7 days of start date, 80% of full fee will still be charged.

Following a booking of the Wedding / Event, should the number of children change, a revised booking form must be completed by the client and a new Invoice will be submitted by MNS. We cannot however guarantee that MNS will be able to accommodate an increase in number of children though we try our best not to let parents down, we strictly adhere to guidelines in ratio of children. If the number of estimated children goes over the child ratio, for safety reasons, we will require more nannies than first quoted and additional costs will be invoiced to the client. No reduction in price of the booking will be made for a reduced number of children once the booking has been made

If the Event exceeds the booking time, increased hourly fees will apply and will be invoiced to the client.

MNS will not accept children into their care who are suffering from an illness or infection. Any child deemed to be ill will remain under the sole responsibility of their parent / guardian.

A child cannot be accepted into the care of a nanny if that child’s parent or guardian is not attending the event and on site throughout the duration the of event.

MNS cannot be held responsible for cancellations or no-shows of a nanny to an Event.

An initial $120 booking fee secures your event date and is nonrefundable. This fee also includes

  • Visiting your chosen venue before your event to ensure that a suitable room or area is available for MNS to care and entertain the children.
  • We conduct an on-site risk assessment at the venue to ensure that it complies with Healthy and Safety
  • We liaise with the venues Fire Officer to ascertain their fire and emergency procedures
  • We book the staff required for your event

We then require full payment a minimum of 10 working days before the Event, if the Event is less than 10 working days from the booking, we will require full payment upfront at the point of booking. This fee is non-refundable once we begin work on arranging your Event

If full payment has not been made 10 working days before the Event 20% will be added to the Invoice.

Any unpaid fees will be referred to a collection Agency, additional costs will be incurred which is the client’s responsibility.

Child to Staff Ratios:

Child ratios when providing child care to Weddings / Events

Newborn to 12 months……………………1 : 2

1 – 2 yrs………………………1 : 3

2 – 3 yrs………………………1 : 4

3 – 5 yrs……………………..1 : 5

5 + yrs……………………….1 : 6

Children needing additional / individual needs 1 : 1

These ratios are a combination of legislative standards and our experience of providing quality care since 2002