Holiday Activities for Child carer’s

Mobile Nanny Service carer’s enjoy doing activities with the children in our care.

We like to see children having fun as they learn new things to do.

One fun thing to do is making homemade Pasta. Not only do they enjoy getting their hand dirty as we mix the flour and eggs together then knead the pasta but they get to eat it afterwards. How much fun is that.

Making Home Made Pasta is so easy, it’s child’ play.

3 cups of Flour, pinch of salt, dash of olive oil, 1/4 cup water & 4 eggs.

Sift the flour with the salt onto the bench.

Make a well in the middle.

Put eggs, a little water and a dash of olive oil into a small jug.

Slowly pour the jug content into the middle of your mountain. I tell the kids that it’s a volcano.

With your fingers slowly mix it together until it forms a nice dough. Add a little water if it’s too dry.

Then knead it for a few minutes. Kids love getting their hand dirty and they enjoy the kneading as well.

Then wrap it up in glad wrap and let it “rest” Th kids always ask why it needs to “rest” and I tell them it helps the dough to relax and I get them to take a deep breath and out again, to show them how relaxing it is. It’s a good way to have them relax after all our kneading. We wash our hands and well, we relax and wait. A perfect time for a cuppa.

After about 20 mins. we unwrap the pasta and start putting it through the pasta machine on 1. then fold it in half then through 2. then 3. then 4. then we have a long flat piece of pasta. Then we put it through the spaghetti cutter, dusting it with flour so it won’t stick together.

Then we boil water with a dash of salt in the water. Add the pasta for about 5 mins. drain and put into a bowl. I add a nob of butter and grated cheese and let the kids eat it.

Yum!!!!!!!!! Is what they all say.IMG_9312IMG_9244IMG_9234IMG_9254IMG_9232

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